We Are Exploding in Film Art Music Entertainment

December 2014 – Chapter 3/Number3 is already creating new futures: Quite a bit of it in London, where some of The Zine team are based. With our Chapter 1 talents raising their profile within a year, the power of under radar music is proven. Freshly uploaded, Chapter 3 makes Spring/Summer 2015 buzz in advance. True movement.

IMG_2177Starting a live music venue from scratch at Number3London; as we are setting up, is that Bruno Wizard of The Homosexuals or Jimmy Johnson of CuT with our music editor, Dizzy Spell?

29 bOn that evening (Friday 5th December), four inspirational bright young things came together; (left to right) Film creative, Elisabeth Rasmussen, musician/promoter/radio presenter Jean Genie Graham, musician/dj Kalamity Kate and photographer, Polly Harvey who is one of The Zine’s Chapter 3 photographers.

Number3Live Sessions are go. Soon after, Chapter 1 cover stars, Rhiannon The Nightmare play live with James Fisher (who also does a photo session with Polly) and Jean Genie (performing as Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs). They all prove the early faith shown in their potential. See near future for film clips, The Zine are part of what is happening. And truly, it’s ALL happening…

IMAG0459The following week, Dizzy is one of the interviewees for The Holy Bible, My Testament short film docs by Barefoot Rascals for The Quietus, made at Proud Gallery and Number3London. It is a week of inspiring Manic Street Preachers fans/friends calling in. Pictured above, newer wave legends John Robb and Simon Price before the cameras roll. The second of the live sessions, on Friday 12th December, include Firm Cult (pictured below). The Essex based hip hop outfit attended the first show, impressed TheZineUK team with their sparkling reality and were snapped up for the following week on the strength of that.

IMG_2259This is how we roll. Analogue ethics in the speed of digital times. In that vein, the Bruno mask that Jimmy from CuT is wearing in the top picture is part of the publicity for the UK release for The Heart Of Bruno Wizard (directed by the above mentioned Elisabeth Rasmussen) on January 8th 2015. It is already an international hit of the film festivals and major press. Additionally, acknowledging that “old is as subjective as it is irrelevant”, Selfridges will feature Bruno in it’s Oxford Street windows that month as part of it’s #BrightOldThings campaign. Keep an eye on London’s Creekside, too. “Soon the world will realise the significance of my spiritual return to Number 3 in Deptford” (Bruno Wizard, December 2014)

CuT are another theme of this story. The star shaped space punks have made a significant mark as part of the 2014 underground shaping 2015. New faces of Jack Daniels, they release; ‘Page 59’ in February preceded by an Artrocker New Blood headline set on Thursday 15th January with another of TheZine’s #futurepicks – Skinny Girl Diet.

Then, that Saturday (17th January), Kalamity Kate DJs at the Deptford Army reunion of drum n bass partytasticness with Chapter 3 stars Too Many Ts and My Bad Sister (one of the twins accompanied Bruno to Number3London when he first came in summer to play an impromptu happy birthday show in the office for Jean Genie).

2015, we are all coming for you…

(snapshots by caffy of the zine events dept)


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