#No3Expo “South By South East” Arts Gathering 27 March

015 03 27 poster

The Zine Team are very happy to be repping, in person. Look out near future for Chapter 4 of our very real time story.
#No3Expo (links to some of the attendees)
South London Art Map
(Music Tourist Board) #SELondon
“south by south east”

IN THE (Ware)HOUSE: LIVE ON STAGE (approximate times)
The Homosexuals – 11pm – Acknowledged one of the UK’s most flawlessly great punk bands. “Deserved to reach a wider audience alongside icons like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and all the rest.” (Pitchfork)  Soon the world will realise the significance of my spiritual return to Number 3 in Deptford”. (Bruno Wizard).
Nova Twins – 10.15pm: Feisty urban punk duo with power punching, thunder-bassed, sonic adventures in noise pop. 21st century riot grrrl, and then some. Little Death Machine – 9.30pm – Newly signed to Glasstone Records, local electronic art rock outfit celebrate the release of their new single – ‘Pale’ – launch party style. Cat Bear Tree – 8.45pm DIY New Wavers mix three-part vocal harmony and indie post punk musicianship. “They’re fantastic aren’t they?l”. Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins//Amazing Radio).

#No3Expo living ART installation pop-up exhibition created by the following people just by being there. In person or in spirit

No3Expo pitch


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