Once upon another time, the seeds of the 20th century punky reggae party had become trees in the 21st century. Their many branches started to weave into a tighter tapestry despite living in the dark (cruel and cowardly) new world days of The 1%’s money love lunacy.

Through arts and hearts, we met in the small to medium venues where divisions are lost and passions are found. By the time that the world of sanity and humanity ended 2012 off, it was too late to stop music and art fusing our loves. DIY isn’t a fad for us, its a low-budget-lives necessity.

The every-generation friends involved with The Zine are part of a bigger picture that began at the start of the decade. An alternative creative artist development exists away from the mainstream media and TV’s prime time karaoke contests.

People that support the talents we believe in, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To get involved with the next chapters, then just dive in and we hope that you get it… http://issuu.com/thezineuk


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